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#WithinTheseWalls3 Photography Exhibition

As a part of Coventry’s University Photoclub Society, we held a charity raising exhibition presenting a year of our work. The exhibition is a culmination of a year’s work driven by my passion and the rest of the societies passion for photography. Our work focuses on representing the human body. It draws inspiration from the open online class Picbod – Picturing The Body run by Matt Johnston at Coventry University.
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161MC: Blog task 2 – Compare and Contrast TV Studio Programmes

Magazine television shows have been an iconic and popular part of British television since television first became popular in the 1950’s. The genre ‘magazine television’ received its name because it holds similar qualities to printed magazines containing an unusual mix of topical issues, gossip, celebrity, fashion, food, music and general life advice. Each of the programmes hold a different tone, content and look that has been specifically designed for their individual target audience. Although, many magazine television shows are not as popular as they used to be due to the increase in online streaming, there are still a couple of shows that are as successful now as they were when they first aired. Today, I shall be comparing two magazine television shows that I have researched and studied ,Blue Peter and This Morning, both filmed live in TV studios.
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Photography: Split personality disorder

As a part of the photography society, we are having an exhibition at our local gallery ‘Within These Walls 111’ where we will be focusing on the human body. My initial idea was to produce four images that represent depression, however after doing some research, I felt split personality disorder would fit my vision better.  Continue reading “Photography: Split personality disorder”

161mc: TV Tribe & Weekly task

  1. On the 7th March, Risky Business productions completed a Facebook group where we could exchange our ideas, information and keep each other updated of where we are with the project. 
  2. We then choose our theme, which is risky buisness. This is when we decided to focus on a range on taboo subjects which people we too uncomfortable to discuss. 
  3. Facebook 

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160MC | Spunkbomb Paul | Short Documentary

A three minute documentary following multipotentialite, Paul. This is Paul Neesham; a born and bread London guy. One of the most creative and interesting guys I know, some call him – a jack of all trades. Continue reading “160MC | Spunkbomb Paul | Short Documentary”

161MC: The One Show – Task one

Please watch here:

“A vibrant broadcasting magazine show exploring current affairs, issues, entertainment in just thirty minutes.”

The One Show is a BBC broadcasted magazine programme that is aimed to please a broad target audience. It is aired at 7pm Monday-Friday and hosted by Alex Jones and Matt Baker. The programme is usually around thirty minutes long, although for special events and occasions it is extended to an hour.  Continue reading “161MC: The One Show – Task one”

162MC: Fan-fiction: Dinner for two

My intention idea for the fan-fiction piece was ‘American Horror Story:Clones’. It was an episode for season six that I would produce if I were writing for AHS. The piece is a mash-up between Orphan Black and AHS; my two favourite television series. I wrote two scripts, a first edition then a second edition which was adapted by the critical opinions and changes of Daniel Petcu.  Continue reading “162MC: Fan-fiction: Dinner for two”

160MC: P2P: Reflection

Paul Nesh.jpg


The people to people project this term has been a large learning curve for me personally, it was also very challenging but it is the first project where I have felt truly inspired. I had a strong vision at the beginning of the project and knew it would be hard to deliver but with the help of my strong crew, I was able to follow through. Continue reading “160MC: P2P: Reflection”

160MC: P2P: one-to-one interview with Paul

Day 2: One-to-one interview with Paul, Euston London


Since our documentary angle is to tell Paul’s story with imagery and interview questions, finding a good location was key to our project in order to create the mood and portray a good story. We were fortunate that we were given permission in all the venues we wanted to film in. It was a pleasure to film in Camden, London as North Continue reading “160MC: P2P: one-to-one interview with Paul”

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