Over the summer, my media tutor asked me to produce my very own version of ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. For those of you that do not know, ‘Cabinet of curiosities‘ is a term that was invented in the late fifteen hundreds meaning a small collection of extraordinary objects which were often presented in cabinets, however, today they are often seen in modern day museums to display art or sculptures. The objects are often categorised to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the world.

I’ve chosen to use the term ‘cabinet of curiosity‘ in a different way, to write a blog alongside a digital mood-board with supporting images, reflecting creative people that have influenced and inspired me in my journey to study Media Production at a higher level and in a more in-depth way, but this also includes my favourite films. Films that I have enjoyed so much that I can re-watch again and again and not just because of the storyline! The reason I have chosen these particular films is mostly because of the artistic direction and the way the editor has created magic. That’s what I want to do. Create M-A-G-I-C! That’s why I’m at university right 😉

Moodboard of inspiration

As you can see above, I have featured my favourite singer and songwriter Lana Del Ray. This is because I really admire her for her dedication to songwriting from the age of 18 years old, she worked really hard to get noticed while ensuring she did not become too commercial; her songs really inspire me while writing and planning potential film ideas. Many of her most recent songs have included a short film of ten minutes where she reveals her songs deeper with a monologue which I find I can emotionally connect to, particularly the song ‘Ride’ which you can watch below. Lana processes a very unique voice which I would describe as captivating and highly emotive which keeps me listening to her dark lyrics.

  I have also featured my favourite directors, Stanley KubrickPedro Almodovar and David O’Russell. Many people admire Stanley Kubrick due to his attention to deal and realism during his films, he is also frequently suggested to be the most important contributions within world cinema as well as the most influential directors of all time, he has certainly influenced me. My favourite film by Kubrick, is The Shining and this is not just because the film is terrifying and the only horror film that can truly scare me, it’s because the sound production is phenomenal, there’s a particular soundtrack that bursts out in a scene with two ghost children riding along the corridor . His films usually have a sense of dark humour which I enjoy due to the fact that I love psychedelic films i.e. Black SwanFear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Donnie Darko.

Now, the films David O’Russell has directed are more commercial than the other films that I see as my favourites however, most of his films are also very similar and the same genre i.e. American Hustle and Silver linings playbook, both comedy-drama. They’re simple. You don’t have to think when you watch them. They allow you to escape, sit back and relax but they still keep you interested! This is why he is one of my favourite directors. He does this so well.

Pedro Almodovar’s films are very different the to films I’ve mentioned above, his films are mostly shown in independent cinemas, like the Picture House in Brighton. Almodovar is a big inspiration to me for many reasons but the main one is his ambition towards film-making. He is originally from a small Spanish city, Calzada de Calatrava, yet he started up his own film production company ‘El Deseo‘ with his younger brother and has been successful ever since. This gives me faith that it is possible to succeed in film from any background if you have the ambitious and determination!

I’ve spoken about my main influences within my ‘Cabinet of curiosities’ blog post but I’d like to mention a couple more before I conclude… Russell BrandNoami Wolf and Nick Cave are all also influences within my career. After reading ‘Naomi Wolf’ and her book ‘the beauty myth‘ is what first got me interested in media. I studied Communications and Culture at college and in doing so I discovered how the media shapes the world around is and how we only see what the media want us to see. It’s also where my interest in feminism opened up. Where it began. Where I started noticing how women are represented in films, particularly Disney films, the way the male gaze works.

So that’s my ‘Cabinet of curiosities’! I hope you enjoyed reading it….