Every student on this course is asked to maintain a rolling platform of five ideas, themes and/or obsessions that they are interested in. These could be influenced by people you know, a book you have read, a play, a film, a party you went to, a look someone gave you, a dream, a nightmare, philosophy, politics, transmutation – basically anything in your life. We want you to produce work about things that you are interested in rather than the current trends, if you are not true to yourself why should an audience believe in you? What is important about every idea is that you have a passion for it and will enjoy turning it into reality. Your ideas will change, disappear, explode – that’s fine. The main thing is to keep thinking, developing, producing.

Format – At various times you will have to think about your 5 ideas in terms of a particular format (i.e. would it translate to a film, tv programme, photographs, or script). The format of the ideas can and probably will change for various reasons throughout the course.

Genre – You will also need to consider the genre of your 5 ideas (i.e. thriller, experimental, provocation, comedy, factual) Again this may morph and change when combined with other influences and through discussion with others.

Product – Some, but not all of your 5 ideas may turn into media artefacts that are produced during your modules. Start making what you believe in now. Your themes may remain the same over the entire course or they may change, but they will be developed in terms of their creative realisation, their theoretical influences and the impact that they have on audiences and society in general.

Where to keep your 5 ideas?  It’s up to you where you keep your 5 ideas. This blog that you will maintain and update over the next three years would be a good place. You may prefer alternative methods (sketchbooks, Tumblr, Pinterest, artists notes etc.) but your ideas and research should be accessible on a digital format that staff and other students can access on the web.

What happens to your 5 ideas?  Your 5 ideas are your brain and soul writ large. This means you are opening up creatively to staff and students – your ideas may be challenged but they will also be respected. If your ideas are careless then so will the response be. Be ready to show your ideas to anybody that asks. This might happen in a module, APT session, job interview or in a more informal meeting. Time now to act.