Overall, I feel our television show was pretty successful as we had improved so much since the beginning of the module. The television side of the media industry was pretty new to all of us, as prior to university our crew had backgrounds in film production rather than television. It was interesting to adapt our abilities and skills learnt from producing films to the TV world. 

One of the biggest obstacles we faced as a crew was the communication between each other. Prior to this project, none of us had worked together so it was hard to encourage everyone to attend meetings, communicate with each other and be confident about what they wanted to contribute to the show. We were also two team members down as unfortunately, they dropped out of the university course. We are also probably the most multicultural team which contributed to the difficult communication. However, we used the multi-culture backgrounds to our advantage and embedded aspects from all countries and cultures into the magazine television show. Another benefit of this was that, one of the ladies on our crew is Dutch which helped when we were looking for locations in Amsterdam, vox-popping Amsterdam citizens and filming abroad. Our communication also improved shortly after the creation of the Facebook group chat and Facebook page as we then all had ways to contact each other and we had exchanged mobile numbers and email addresses. 

I feel our show could have been a lot better if everyone had all made more of an effort in the beginning of the module to mingle, attend every meeting and speak to one another as not everyone cared about this final project and this delayed the progress. We had a few very confident people and the remaining majority of the crew was extremely shy people making our crew unbalanced at times. As not everyone was confident to speak about their ideas and opinions, we had limited ideas from the beginning of the planning and had very little grounding to go by despite coming up with basic ideas in the seminars with Karen and Matthew. In the last few weeks, everyone began to communicate a lot more meaning more ideas were springing out from each person which lead to our show coming together just in time for the final rehearsals. I also feel filming in Amsterdam in a foreign country also really brought the crew closely together as we were in a new environment and had to work following a schedule so did not have an other choice but other then to work together professionally.  It certainly gave us the push that was needed. In that, the other half of the crew that stayed in Coventry bonded also – they had more intimate sessions with Shaun and Craig in the TV Studio which boasted their confidence also. I am very proud with how our crew has transformed on personal levels and professionally.

At times, in rehearsals it was very tense making it an uncomfortable environment to work in but after we started discussing arising issues and coming up with solutions as a team instead of independently, everything improved. Once everyone adjusted to their roles and stuck to their roles, the running of the television show also improved and it started to become more fun instead of stressful. The run-throughs were a lot stronger, each take we became more solid and more confident – it was great because our television show “Lets talk taboo” started to come alive. The graphics took a long time to complete which meant our television show felt naked, but once they were added with the intro music, the graphics, logos and credit – it looked and felt more professional.

Despite all the obstacles my group faced, our end goal was to produce a risky business themed television show with light-hearted banter towards taboo subjects by using props, a humorous script with shocking jokes. Overall, I think we pulled it off achieving this, completing our main goal.

      If I could change something, it would be our live performance. Although our self-defense live performance worked well with the style of the show, I feel it would have been more engaging with the audience if we were to have had a live performance from a band. This would have helped to keep the viewers entertained and also appeal to a viewer who has interests in music as well as taboo matters.  I personally feel I have learnt a lot from this module and grown towards my future career goal of directing and television is now definitely a route I would consider exploring more. 

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