Title: Lets Talk Taboo

Influences: Charlie Brookes, Jean Kilbourne

Media text: Broadcasting, live television, News

Genre: Comical

Outline: In just ten minutes Coventry University students are bringing to you an insight into controversial subjects that nobody else is willing to talk about, except us.

Why be afraid? It is time to open up and take a look at what is happening around us especially the differences within these taboo subjects with our international cultures and backgrounds from European countries like England, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland across to Morocco, China and Jamaica. Nothing is as pure as it seems!

We are going to look into the liberation of sex in Amsterdam in comparison with the United Kingdom. The Amsterdam ‘Red Light District’ is known by many tourists around the world, the prostitutes pride themselves for their laid back behaviour and freedom towards sex although, if spotting a camera the girls may be inclined to throwing it into the canal. This links in well with how roles of women in different countries have different rights and power, for example, the prostitutes in Amsterdam have control over the clients they choose. In some Asian countries, the men have permission to rape their wives and girlfriends, legally. Now, we wonder how Donald Trump feels about that.

That is not the only taboo subject we are going to tackle during the show. “Food porn”, a phrase that has resurfaced in recent years, worryingly more within the younger generation. Food porn is the depiction and sexualisation of mouthwatering images in visual art and media in a way that is evocative, as one would view pornography; it has been created to trigger desires to eat. Having a size 0 model (or a muscular photoshopped man) sucking on a hot dog or licking a lollipop to sell the product does not seem particularly correct in any shape or manor. We will also explore the story of the Kellogg’s Factory where it has been said that employers are peeing on the cereal. This is our news segment and we are bringing this to you!

Written by Carina Gonzalez-Brown (350 words)

amsterdam red light district

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