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161MC: Lets Talk Taboo – Final Reflection

Overall, I feel our television show was pretty successful as we had improved so much since the beginning of the module. The television side of the media industry was pretty new to all of us, as prior to university our crew had backgrounds in film production rather than television. It was interesting to adapt our abilities and skills learnt from producing films to the TV world. 
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161MC: Lets Talk Taboo, weekly updates, personal contribution and paperwork!

My roles:

” Director, Camera Operator (Amsterdam), Location Manager (Amsterdam), Social Media Guru and Script-editor”

From the beginning of the project, I have ensured to keep our team as communicative as possible by arranging regular meetings and engagement on social media to ensure we all know where we are at with the project. This is where I was asked to be the Social Media Guru! Continue reading “161MC: Lets Talk Taboo, weekly updates, personal contribution and paperwork!”

161mc: Task 5: Compare and contrast 2 studio programmes

Eastenders vs. Top gear
One of the key elements of having a success television programme is the way you interact with your audience on screen, but also, most importantly off screen through social media, websites and events. If the audience really engages with your show and want to explore the content in more-depth then you need to ensure you have all three of the above connections. Continue reading “161mc: Task 5: Compare and contrast 2 studio programmes”

161MC: Lets Talk Taboo – Update

After completing the outline for our show, I emailed my group and also Karen to get feedback on our TV show idea and how we’d like to convey it. Previously, we had a broad idea to look into the liberation of sex in Amsterdam, Holland but we were lacking research and figures to support our ideas. We found we needed to find one particular angle and ensure it still matched out idea of discussing taboos once back in the United Kingdom. Continue reading “161MC: Lets Talk Taboo – Update”

161MC: Broadcasting while using a Webcam (In Amsterdam)

Broadcasting from abroad:

Broadcasting using a webcam (Skype):

Using Skype from a macbook or mobile device is an easy way to get your news presenter onto air quickly. There are a number of internet based video and audio based, BBC use mainly Skype but the following principles can apply to other applications too. They will make our broadcast look and sound better too. Continue reading “161MC: Broadcasting while using a Webcam (In Amsterdam)”

161MC: Lets Talk Taboo

Title: Lets Talk Taboo

Influences: Charlie Brookes, Jean Kilbourne

Media text: Broadcasting, live television, News

Genre: Comical

Outline: In just ten minutes Coventry University students are bringing to you an insight into controversial subjects that nobody else is willing to talk about, except us.

Why be afraid? It is time to open up and take a look at what is happening around us especially the differences within these taboo subjects with our international cultures and backgrounds from European countries like England, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland across to Morocco, China and Jamaica. Nothing is as pure as it seems! Continue reading “161MC: Lets Talk Taboo”

I Grilled My Gluten Avoiding Friend About The Whole GF Thing — Cate in the Kitchen

This post is in collaboration with MOMA A recent survey of 400 Brits by OnePoll for MOMA has uncovered a big old trend of dissatisfaction with the availability of gluten free products. I was pretty interested – considering the huge rise in the popularity of omitting gluten – to find out that over 70% of respondents […]

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161MC: Blog Task 4- Health and Safety

CW2: Blog task 4: Health and Safety

I have always thought health and safety was something that everybody kind of knew but it was not until I discussed this task with my friend, Cate, that I came to realise I know a large amount about health and safety because I was trained in it by my previous media jobs and by working full time at a tourist attraction where there are a lot of risks and possible accidents that could happen. I know every job, location and company have different sets of guidance and procedures but generally, the basics are pretty similar.  Continue reading “161MC: Blog Task 4- Health and Safety”

161MC: Blog Task 3 – Context/Audiences

CW2 – Blog Task 3 – Context/Audiences –

Should the BBC licence fee be scraped – consider the for and against arguments and pick a side.

tv_bars.jpg(Bradbury 2015)


Whether the BBC licence fee should be scrapped or not is a debate that has been on-going for the last few years, particularly since Internet has become even more popular especially in the younger generation. We currently live in a modern world where we have access to multiple screens from smartphones, tablets to computers, laptops and iMacs allowing people to engage with television from any location. The promoting of monthly subscriptions to these online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, SkyGo meaning more people are likely not to follow the traditional family television time.
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